Our Plugins

Category Tag Tidy

Allows quick and simple deletion of all unused categories and tags.
In order to maintain your categories structure – unused parent categories will not be deleted if they have a child category still in use.
For multisite installations unused tags and categories on all sites can be quickly processed at the same time.


  • Easily tidy up tags and categories on your site
  • Maintains your existing category structure
  • Easy for network admins to manage tags and categories across a WordPress multisite installation.
  • Translation Ready
set an FAQ to show on all sites
select the blog to use as your main/global site

Multisite FAQS


This plugin provides an easy way to share FAQs across a wordpress multisite installation. FAQs on the master blog can be made global so that they also show across all the blogs in the multisite network. FAQ categories which exist both on the master blog and other blogs will combine the FAQs for that category. FAQs are implemented using a custom post type.
Note: This plugin also allows the easy creation of FAQs for non-multisite installations.
FAQ lists are easily added to any blog page using shortcodes – see the documentation section below.


  • Manage FAQs across a wordpress multisite installation.
  • Display FAQs in simple list style.
  • Display FAQs in toggle ( independent form of accordion ) style.
  • Network settings option ( for multisite installations ) to select the master blog.
  • Custom CSS box in settings page to override default styles.
  • Translation Ready ( Comes with related pot and po files )
  • RTL ( Right to Left Language ) Support

MultiSite Post Aggregator

Allows the aggregation of posts across a WordPress Multisite installation. Posts from individual blogs are duplicated onto the main blog. Duplicated posts are always kept in sync with their original version. This provides an easy way to build and centralize content from multiple blogs.

Still under development please contact us for more information