How We Can Help

The Power of Plugins

WordPress has become an incredibly popular tool for developing websites. It’s power lies in the ability to extend the basic WordPress ‘Core’ functionality with ‘Plugins’. Plugins enable you to add all the features you require to create an art gallery or a fully fledged ecommerce site.

Custom Coding

While the market provides a plethora of plugins – sometimes there is not an exact match there for your specific requirements. That’s when we can help. We are able to custom build you a plugin which fits in perfectly with your business needs.

Extending Plugins

Sometimes we may be able to build a ‘helper’ or ‘satellite’ plugin – which works alongside a plugin you are already using. WooCommerce – for instance – has many ‘helper’ plugins to extend the main store functionality.


We may also be able to assist you by building tools which enable you to integrate your WordPress site with legacy business systems. We often work with behind the scenes systems and databases to streamline processes. We can work on your projects in conjunction with your website developer or other technical staff.

Real World Solutions

If you have project requirements and need practical solutions – we would love to discuss this with you! Please get in touch.